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Catering 2 You was always the dream company of Frank and Lynn, our founding brother and sister team. When they decided it was time for retirement they reached out to the only man who they could trust with their beloved company: Mario Spagnuolo. Mario, a third generation restaurateur, owns and operates the award winning catering company, Soprano's Catering. If anyone could handle carrying on the Catering 2 You standard, it was Mario. Frank, Lynn, and Mario merged Catering 2 You with Soprano's Catering ensuring they were able to keep the best of both companies!  The merger allowed our chefs to explore and revamp menus while maintaining their honored tradition of "Feeding You Like Family."  We still pride ourselves on getting fresh ingredients and crafting them into the great meals our clients have come to expect from both companies.  Frank and Lynn could not be happier in their retirement knowing that their company and clients are so well taken care of!

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